The Nurse is in Control by Lacey Layton

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Lacey Layton
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The Nurse is in Control

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Book review

The best day of Eric's life doesn't start with his engagement to his long time girlfriend Jan. It certainly isn't when there's an accident and he ends up in the hospital.
No it starts with his nurse. Who remembers him. Who remembers how he broke her heart years ago. Now she's a nurse, tasked with making sure people stay healthy. And with a little help from some chemicals she's going to make sure he stays healthy. So he can become the submissive slave she knows he wants to be. No matter how hard he tries to resist, she will bring him to his knees in servitude. She was just in charge of his health, now she'll be in charge of him completely. Forever.

This 6000 word steamy breakdown of a man's will has a hot dominant woman, a helpless man, brainwashing, ruined orgasms and of course verbal humiliation. Just the way you like it.

DISCLAIMER: Everyone's over 18 and no one is blood related.

Something to whet your appetite:
He needed release.
He could only let out a gurgle of a response but she nodded, knowing.
"I know sweetie," she said letting her hands slide off his legs "I know. What I was saying before is I'm not so young or foolish. Now I take what I want. And today," she was at his head now, brushing aside some hair with her fingers. "today I'm going to take you."
There was a part of Eric that was frozen in fear. His thoughts were muddled and swimming away from him as he thought of Jan, and his engagement. He tried to fight again.
She pressed a finger on his forehead. Try as he might he could not get past that finger. Eventually he gave up and hit the pillow.
"No," he weakly whined.
"Oh you poor little boy," she said patting him on the forehead. "You don't have a choice. My little concoction is going to strip away all your will and this," he felt headphones being slipped on his ears "this is going to reprogram you to my own slave."
Eric was crying. He knew he couldn't resist but he was trying. He really was.
"Are you crying?" she said trying to hold back a laugh. "Oh this is too rich. Eric listen to me honey." she lifted his head so he was staring at her. "You want this. You may think you don't but you do. All your life you've been in control having to make sure everything is just right. But I know you Eric. I've known countless men like you. What you really want is to give up that control. To fall into the arms of a powerful, dominating woman. To let her control you. Doesn't that sound good? To just give in, let yourself be free?' she was stroking the side of his face with her other hand.
Eric was feeling his face go slack. He had not had a coherent thought in minutes. Her words were hanging in his head, sticking to himself. He was starting to drool.
She gently put him back on the pillow. "I see you're just about to succumb. I'll leave you to it and come back when you've been properly conditioned."
Now she did laugh, a low throaty laugh that would make any man shiver. Eric was too far gone to care. He had a sloppy smile on his face as he heard a "click".
"You are my slave," started Eva's voice in his head. "You are soon going to go to sleep. Because I command it. You will sleep and give over your will to me. My will is all that matters. You are weak and will sleep. You are my slave. Now sleep slave. Feel your body yearn for the sweet escape of sleep. Feel your eyelids getting heavier. You are too weak to resist. They are closing because I want them closed. I want you to sleep. I want you to relax and sleep. And you will sleep. Because you are my slave. Your eyelids are closed now."
Eric's eyelids were closed. His thoughts had long departed him. The only thing filling his head was her sweet voice.

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